This video I gave permission to be shown. My Son from sleep in Nocturnal Seizure last week. It's harrowing. It's distressing. It's Epilepsy. Discretion always on viewing please.

Epilepsy needs much media focus for others to understand the impact seizures have on the person, and their loved ones.

Imagine this was someone in your family. A loved one. It's not nice, Epilepsy at all. The insult to the one's brain repeatedly can't be good. I've seen thousands of seizures in last 18 years.

I go into 'auto pilot' nothing ever prepares you/me for that shout I hear 'mum' then I know he's in seizure.

You stop what you're doing you run.

Make sure he's safe as can be!

Is it paramedics this time?

Is it the midazolam 'rescue medication' needing administered?

Will he come out this one?

It's all an unknown quantity. One day at a time this household.

Epilepsy is more than just a seizure. It's a debilitating neurological condition affecting the person and their families terribly.

Julie x