14. May, 2017

EpilepsyComplex Partial Seizures.Complex partial seizures occur in children and adults with certain forms of epilepsy. ... The seizure may include involuntary movements called automatisms, such as lip-smacking, chewing, hand wringing, picking, and swallowing. The seizure lasts 30 seconds to 2 minutes.

These are every day at the moment. Last Tonic Clonic from Sleep yesterday. 

This affects every day life terribly. Remaining and keeping a balance between this and an acceptable level of sanity surreal. We carry on. I carry on. We're alive.

We are more and more becoming house bound. Cabin fever is striking. 

Epilepsy Awareness is so important to the understanding of someone with seizures. It strikes when you least expect it. It certainly, as I've said before discriminate. It's so discriminated  against still in this modern age of the 21st century.

Let's all together, get the awareness out there...

Write to your local MP and Councillors. Shout it out to everyone. We need realtime Media Focus on Epilepsy. Not the sporadic bits we often see.

My Son is worth it. So are you all that have Epilepsy.

It's no laughing matter having seizures. Epilepsy can be life threatening if not controlled. The public need to stop shying away from someone with Epilepsy. Knowledge is power. It's not contagious and nobody can catch seizures from you!

Tests used to diagnose epilepsy includes: An electroencephalogram (EEG) to measure the electrical activity of the brain. A spinal tap to collect spinal fluid for analysis. Imaging tests, like an MRI or CT scan, of the head. Ask questions at Consultations. Ask for the Tests and respectable timescales of return appointments.

Take care all x

Epilepsy Awareness is needed Globally today. Not tomorrow or next week. Today.