Epilepsy Awareness Day 26th March.

23. Mar, 2017

It's no joke.
It's no laughing matter.
It's a serious neurological condition.

23. Mar, 2017

"Know your seizures.
Don't misconstrue someone being drunk or acting silly, when they need immediate medical help.
Don't be insensitive to Epilepsy.
It's a debilitating condition affecting the person terribly.

Remain calm.
Make sure they are safe.
Don't put your fingers in their mouth. They will not swallow their tongue.
Help or get help. Paramedics.

Not all seizures are visible to the eye. They can be absences or strange behaviour. Please educate yourself on Epilepsy and Invisible Conditions.

Epilepsy is not a new condition. Why is there still so much ambiguity and stigma surrounding someone having a seizure. It isn't right.

Please everyone spread Awareness regarding Epilepsy.

Thank you.

Julie x"