Another Year Started. 2017

What's in store now this New Year has begun. Will the Seizures cease in their severity and prominence. Who knows?

2nd of January a Tonic Clonic Seizure from sleep. The days that have passed some partial events. 

He has just had his Birthday few days ago. Happy in his own world. They gave him a break. No Seizures were seen. Now wasn't that just a blessing.

The lethargy and tiredness is tremendous. He has no stamina at times. But, he does his very best in a world ignorant to invisible conditions.

Epilepsy is so way behind in medical breakthroughs for a Cure. The focus must surely be for everyone suffering from this cruel neurological condition, to come together and "shout out" "demand" better Medical Management of their Seizures. Quicker definitive diagnosis. Better care in Epilepsy a must. It's not rocket science or is it?

I'm wishing for more Media Attention and Recognition of invisible neurological conditions 2017. Let's all get Epilepsy Awareness out there once and for all. It can affect anyone at anytime. Do help now and let's all educate others about Epilepsy & Seizures.

Wishing you all as seizure free as you can be in 2017.

My Son he loves his Xbox.

Its his life. His safety net. Although it's Refractory Epilepsy - it's not Photosensitive.