28. Jun, 2016

Our Kids with Epilepsy.

Doctors and scientist know very little about the brain. It may seem like they know a lot because they can tell you what different parts of the brain do and what they control, but they don't know why, like they can't even tell you why your having seizures.The findings indicate that greater efforts are needed to address the long-term needs of patients with epilepsy,"

A survey has found that the general public fear getting a neurological disorder -  such as epilepsy or Parkinson's - more than cancer.

It's now Scottish school holidays - started 1pm today. How do we cope with our kids. Let alone if they have a Neurological Condition plus. The supports and the resources aren't there.

We are going to see extended family in the Midlands. My son loves this. 

I'm so scared to ever travel abroad with him for all sorts of reasons. Insurance, Medical etc.

Epilepsy is more than anyone would even anticipate. You have to plan for every eventuality. You never know when the Seizures will strike.

We will take each day at a time. All we can do. Meantime we carry on in this world of Epilepsy.

Happy Holidays all..😘