29. May, 2016

Epilepsy Awareness 'shout it out'

You don't need to be a Miss UK, Miss World or a Miss or Mr Anyone to speak about Epilepsy.

You don't need any form of Discriptive to your name to bring about Epilepsy Awareness. Epilepsy doesn't discriminate and can affect people from all walks of life.

You need everyone to speak out loud about Epilepsy.

You need all with Epilepsy to stand up and be counted. It's an age old condition stigmatised because Society 'shuns' Neurological invisible illnesses. In this modern 21st century it's a travesty. Government and others need to give high profile precidence to Neurological Conditions.

The invisible illnesses are there to be seen. Look around you. Everyone knows someone who has Epilepsy and has Seizures..

Epilepsy is not glamorous at all..The life of the person with Epilepsy and their families endure, anything but glamorous.

Awareness needs brought out of the dark ages into the media no doubt. Starting with our Governments giving same precidence to invisible illness as other 'life threatening' conditions. Being truthful on the contraindications of medications etc 'The child bearing mother'

Meanwhile our own range of issues still continue. This system of ours makes things much more difficult than it needs to be.

#guardianship #education #mho 

Take care all.

Julie Clark.