He's not a Statistic, he's My Son.

22. Apr, 2016

Sorry friends but need to spout off.😡

Lewis is on the verge of a #meltdown I think? 

#epilepsy #seizures #autism  #complexneeds

I'm extremely not happy with battling against the very people whom are supposed to look after and educate our #complexneeds Kids & Young Adults with Epilepsy.

Many areas since just the weekend have failed Lewis. The Communication and Denial in issues just unacceptable to say the least.

As his mum very pro-active as some of you know, in Lewis well being and the giving over of important information regarding his health etc. What I so strongly detest; is the constant ambiguity from ones whom come up with every plausible excuse possible; when there are issues to be discussed & thrashed out.

My Son is not some statistic in the system. He's a living Human Being with Rights and no justification for a poor level of care is acceptably warranted in my view.

It's like Groundhog Day over and over everyday. Us mum's/carers with our Children never get a break!

We fight.

We are constantly battling for the acceptance of our children.

We are looking to services and resources to provide the right level of care.

We are human also. Does the system forget this?

Is it so difficult for the ones in these areas of 'so called' expertise, to implement Quality Care for our Loved ones?

Try your best system - 

I'm/we are much stronger than you realise. I'm my Son's Voice. Contrary to what you think, he's struggling in this Life. I for one will shout out for his acceptable Quality of Life. 👍

Epilepsy is a Neurological Condition needing much required Media Focus. Ignorance and not knowing now isn't on.

#epilepsy #awareness The ambiguity around Invisible Illness needs major Government interventions. Complacency around Epilepsy in 21st century ridiculous and unnecessarily still stigmatised.

Julie Clark