Respite 16-18th April 2016

19. Apr, 2016

Lewis had 2 nights Respite Saturday and Sunday night. As usual everything was packed accordingly for Sunday and School Clothes for today. The Medications and Toiletries all packed. 

The Carer picked him up this morning and took him to School. She then brought me his bags. Reading the information slip he had good weekend and interacted well. Nothing about the fall or his knee.

No reason for concerns or so I initially thought.

When Lewis come home at 3.50 pm with the same carer. She asked me if I knew about Lewis's right knee? He had fallen yesterday at Respite and took a chunk from his knee. To me it was not cleaned or attended to properly. When I looked at his school trousers there was a big hole in them. On asking Lewis he put them on yesterday. Now, respite know these are school things. He had jogging bottoms for yesterday.

I was mortified that my Son was sent to school in this state. They were torn and dirty.

I have left a message for someone to contact me.

Have we got into the sad state of affairs, that our disabled and vulnerable children are just over looked. Do they not matter! I'm raging to say the least and there will be questions asked. I trusted this Respite. Now I'm having grave concerns on the safety and suitability for Lewis.

I attended to his knee right away and cleaned away the dried blood etc. This concerns me over 24 hours had lapsed and infection could have occurred.  Our kids immune systems are compromised as it is. This is totally unacceptable the lack of care given here.

Not a happy mum..😡


Being neurodiverse means that your brain is wired differently - it doesn't mean you're weird or stupid. It means you think and learn in a different way to other people and there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, it can mean that you are better at some things than many other people.

Growing up with a hidden or learning disability can make it difficult to relate to the world around you, especially when it comes to socialising and communicating with people. It can feel lonely, but it does get better with time.

I expect my Child to be treated when in Respite as we parents treat them. He was failed this weekend away from my care. He had fun with his few friends. That I'm thank full for.