How many AEDs are enough for Seizures in Epilepsy

18. Jan, 2016

Perampanel (Fycompa)

We have reached a point where no more Brain Surgery for Lewis shall be feesable.

The Epidiolex Trials are a year away yet for Refractory Epilepsy.

We are trying a 3 month trial on this relatively new drug Perampanel for refractory epilepsy.
It shall be increased every 3 weeks at the moment from 2 mg tablets once per day to 8 mg tablets.
No one told me Perampanel can affect the efficiency of the Clobozam and Sodium Valporate. So who knows? What management of seizures will occur.

Dr Henry Marsh His book "Do No Harm" puts an honest insight to how in his 35 years in Neurological Conditions, the Brain is still the least known Organ of the body. Brain Surgery is still an unknown quantity for Surgeon's. How much is enough in this field of expertise to remove significant amounts of the Brain!

My own personal view as a Mother whose Son has had a Hemispherectomy of the right Parietal Lobe.
- Is stop when there is an iota of Quality of Life for the person concerned. Judgements and Decisions are Crucial.

For the Surgeon whom operated on my Son, he stopped when enough was enough. He used his skill and realtime definitive judgement when to stop...
Hence Cortical Dysplasia in Frontal Lobe.
Some of the Lesion was left behind, causing seizures now, 10 years later for my Son