3. Jan, 2016

A new year is with us with many uncertainties.

May I say a Happy 2016 to all.

We had a great Christmas Day. No seizures to be seen. 

There were issues before the festive shutdown with school. Not understanding behaviours related to epilepsy. Admitted by Head Teacher not grasping Lewis medical needs. How much information do they need. CSP Co-ordinated Support Plan in place. 1:1 Supervision. It's a Special Needs School. They tell me they know about Epilepsy. 

Now do they really?

We constantly go around in circle's explaining and advocating for our child.

Neurologist on Tuesday next. Discussions on next steps of medical management of his Epilepsy .

What is decided no more epilepsy surgery.

No more AED'S introduced.

There are other options and these will be discussed.

My child has been affected and damaged enough by epilepsy. It stops as of now. The drugs don't work. Further surgery too risky. He's losing weight rapidly. He's pale and gaunt. But always a Smile. The aggressive tendencies getting more problematic.

What is a parent to do?

We will do what's right and leave no stone unturned for our child's Quality of Life.