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13. Sep, 2015

Why not Epilepsy?

In Media over weekend Jeremy Hunt claims by 2020 a turnaround in the diagnosis of Cancers 4 weeks. Wonderful statement for sufferer's. Quicker definitive diagnosis for the correct interventions of patients.

Now, what about the sufferers of Epilepsy. What happens about their quicker definitive diagnosis? Yet again definitely not up there with the latest version of forecasts for illnesses.

Why is it that Epilepsy and Complex Neurological Conditions are ambiguous to Governments globally.

Why is Epilepsy not given the same media awareness as other illnesses.

Why are sufferers not given the prescedence of Specialists and Neurological Conditions required. Instead of a postcode lottery.

Why is it when my child hits adulthood, their will be no named Neurologist as there is in Paediatric services at moment. No consistency in Clinical matters whom probably won't know my Son. I will not allow this at all.

Why oh Why could go on forever.

Are epilepsy sufferers in the criteria where seizures are controlled by the Medications for everyone. I think not.

Epilepsy sufferers whom read my blog deserve the very best medical management, as do all who suffer epilepsy.

Get proactive! Talk. See your local MP'S.

Get the Awareness out there today!

Epilepsy is not Normal. With the correct funding globally, the Cure is out there.

Next epilepsy debate at House of Commons 2016, needs a turnover of more than 11 MP'S.

Children grow up to be adults. This condition Epilepsy with other contraindications in some, does not just suddenly disappear on reaching adulthood. Contrary to what some Government Departments think. We need an independent Disability Commission separate from the Government. Only way to get non ambiguous decisions on young adults whom need life long medical care and will not live independently. But this for us at moment, another days battle...

Julie Clark

13. Sep, 2015