Dravet, Lennox Syndromes & Drug Resistant Epilepsies. Epidiolex Trials

When the Drug’s don't work!


New cannabis-based epilepsy drug showing 'promise' in clinical trials on children

Epidiolex was developed for children with Epilepsy Syndromes and uncontrolled seizures.

A new cannabis-based drug for children with severe epilepsy is showing “promising” signs in clinical trials.

Epidiolex is being tested on children with Dravet Syndrome and other forms of epilepsy that do not respond to existing drugs.

Its manufacturer, GW Pharmaceuticals.

“I believe that Epidiolex has the potential to be an important advance in treatment for these treatment-resistant children and will likely have beneficial outcomes"

The drug, which does not have any intoxicating effects, is a liquid made of a purified cannabidiol extracted from marijuana plants grown under licence at a secret location in Britain.

The US Food and Drug Administration fast-tracked the drug’s status to allow the trials earlier this year and placebo-controlled clinical trials for Dravet Syndrome and Lennox-Gastaut Syndrome are due to start.

Both forms of epilepsy start in childhood and are difficult to treat. Also Refractory Epilepsies eg Cortical Dysplasia. 

“It’s important to get seizure control at any age but in children, uncontrolled seizures may impact brain and neurocognitive development, which can have an extraordinary effect on quality of life and contribute to progressive cognitive impairment,” 

I have seen this with my own Son when diagnosed with Autism PDD-NOS  ( purvasive developmental delay - not otherwise specified ) uncontrolled seizures and environmental factors. Toxicity of drugs impacting cognitive functioning.

What ever helps at an early age must be duly considered. The 31 Anti-epileptic drugs that don't work to control the 30% criteria, cannot be guaranteed that continually amending these drugs will work. 

Therefore, the Surgery option was the way forward for my Son to eradicate or at best limit seizures.