Invisible illness

5. Sep, 2015

You don't really see it, but he certainly feels it.

This condition does not discriminate can happen to you or I.

It strikes without any warning whilst he tries to sleep at night.

He's angry and very scared to really close his eye's, so both of us are still awake the early hours of morn.

Third party helps with him for his autism just of late. Spider is his name, his wonderful imaginary friend.

He helps him drop off to sleep whilst twitching all the time. Spider strokes his head and reassures My Son. Lewis speaks with him like I'm no longer there!

At last he is asleep how long is just unknown.
Uncertainties kick in, please let my boys brain rest.

His Brain is not "Normal" with the surgery he's had done.
What damage is being done with these seizures in his sleep.

It really is unfair to see him suffer so. He's such a happy lad who is every bit a Star.

Lewis is his name, remember that if you will. Just know that we are looking for the cure that is out there.

EPILEPSY KNOWS NO BOUNDS it strikes when you least expect. It's very much a curse which renders sufferers lives.