• More funding Globally

    Epilepsy is thousands of years old and yet it is not recognised as one of the many serious conditions Neurologically. Funding needs to be made available for research.
    Epidiolex is being trialled for Dravet and other Syndromes. Refractory drug resistant Epilepsies also. Contraindications seem to be diarrhoea in patients trials. 💜

  • Invisible illness

    Not seen but definitely felt by sufferers of Epilepsy. Imagine not knowing where you are and people staring at you after a seizure. Individuals thinking someone is intoxicated whilst having a seizure. Knowing seizures could just save someone's life. 💜

  • Do you know these facts?

    Epilepsy is way down the list of prioritisation when it comes to funding for Research.
    Some advancements made but limited for sufferers.The House of Commons Epilepsy Debate 2015 was simply ridiculous. 11 MP'S turned up on the day. That's just unacceptable in 21st century. Services need to be implemented and improved upon dramatically. It cannot be a postcode lottery for quality care and treatment of Epilepsy.
    Other conditions are given the utmost importance of media awareness.
    Why is Epilepsy not? 💜