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Latest News 08/09/2015

8. Sep, 2015

Social Resources.

Off to school this morning Lewis goes. Very tired but tries his very best.
We have a visit from our Disability Social Worker this afternoon. She is retiring bit early. The pressures of Social Work, think employees are drowning and overwhelmed with the workloads.
Where does that leave us?
She was one of a kind. Excellent and Exceptional with us.
My son does not deal with change greatly. Don't know how he will be.
We have a special gift for her. We have been lucky with DSW. Some are not so lucky to have the support and commitment we had.
Will we be as lucky with the next?
Dare I say the Seizures are not problematic these last few days.
Will this change of circumstances exaberate seizure activity.
Afraid we need to wait and see.
The Autism is a result of early years uncontrolled seizures on information read.
I cannot reiterate more strongly that, Epilepsy is much more than having a seizure.
I don't really think local authorities realise the constant supports that are relevant to the seriousness of epilepsy.
Educating all services are a constant battle in my opinion. Invisible illness seems to be way down list of recognition.