30. Aug, 2015


Epilepsy has been around thousands of years, yet still misunderstood and discriminated against.

I personally find this not acceptable in the 21st Century. There have been some advancements in treatments, but not enough.  Medications only suppress seizures they do not cure. The Cure is out there, it is underfunded Globally for research.

The 2015 Epilepsy House of Commons Debate was an embarrassment to people with Epilepsy. 11 MP's turned up only? Is this the importance placed on this Neurological Condition. It is not given the same awareness as, say, Cancer or Diabetes. Why is this so way down the pile of acknowledgement by Governments.

Invisible to the naked eye unless someone has a seizure in front of you. Not seen but very much felt by the Epilepsy sufferer.

MP's and Medical Professionals need to take ownership and push for action and more funding for this condition. IT SIMPLY cannot be left anymore on the back burner.

The Brain seems to be the only Organ of the body where limited medical advancements are happening. I have seen first hand with my son how debilitating this condition is, both for him and I.

We need realtime awareness and implementation of specialisms and resources. Quicker and definitive diagnosis for better medical managements.

Writing to your Local MP's or Epilepsy Societies. We all need to be proactive in getting the awareness out there.

Epilepsy is 3 times more common than Multiple Sclerosis and more than 3 times as common as Parkinsons Disease and Cerebal Palsy.

Yet there is no war on Epilepsy.