30. Aug, 2015


Epilepsy is a life changing condition affecting sufferers and families lives in so many ways. It's more than just a Seizure. It's more than just taking a tablet and all will be fine. Medications only suppress seizures do not cure them. 

This condition has been around thousands of years, and the Media awareness is just not there like other illnesses. There are no longer any excuses for this to be a viable option. The Brain is the most ambiguous organ of the body. There is a cure for Epilepsy the adequate funding is just not made available globally.

These days when medical management is superceding in so many other areas. I fail to see why Epilepsy is way down the list by Governments for research.

Epilepsy not only affects the patient, it affects the whole wider family unit. 

The awareness needs shouted from the rooftops. This condition does not discriminate but discriminated against.

There needs to be a war on Epilepsy.